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Enterprise Risk Management Advisors.
The ERManaged BusinessTM
Successful businesses are the result of well developed plans. Unexpected events, however, can alter the outcome of even the best of plans. Along with skillful execution, managing enterprise risk is essential to ensuring the successful outcome of business plans.
The ERManaged BusinessTM considers events that may alter expected outcomes and ensures that all business processes necessary to achieve expected results are designed to minimize the effect of adverse events and take advantage of opportunities.

The ERManaged BusinessTM
  • Recognizes that accepting risk is a business requirement, but fully understands the risk it is taking.
  • Considers unexpected events when business plans and strategies are developed and continuously during plan execution.
  • Does not seek to avoid all risk, but ensures effective measures are in place to minimize the likelihood and impact of risk on the business.
  • Ensures the full management team embraces these concepts.

ERM should enable a company to 

anticipate opportunities and challenges 

and avoid unexpected outcomes

"It's not enough to know your risk, it's knowing how those risks affect the strategy"