Al Decker Associates

Enterprise Risk Management Advisors.

October 27, 2009

I have had the pleasure of working with Al Decker since December 2001, first in his capacity as an independent director of Quadrem International Holdings Ltd (Quadrem), then as an advisor to the business.

Al joined the Board of Quadrem in December 2001 to provide knowledge and expertise in the areas of internet and system security and risk management.  As a Business-to-Business (B2B) technology start-up company providing systems and solutions across common global technology platforms, the safe guarding of customer sensitive information was an absolute essential element/ foundation of our business.  Al was instrumental in assisting the business in establishing sound and auditable standards, processes and procedures to ensure the highest levels of privacy and security to our stakeholders.  His strategic perspectives and guidance helped the company's transition from a start-up to an emerging growth company. 

More recently, Al has been supporting Quadrem's efforts to develop a risk assessment and management program that is suited to the size and maturity of our business.  Programs are only as effective as a company's ability to implement them and Al's experience and knowledge in this area have been invaluable to educating our organization, designing systems and processes that are executable and assisting with the establishment of risk management into our business culture.

Al's passion for the subject of risk assessment and risk management is apparent.  He has demonstrated an ability to take his considerable domain knowledge and strategic perspectives and create custom fit programs that can be readily implemented, maintained and enhanced over time. 

Based on my experience with him as well as his body of work at EDS, I can highly recommend Al to organization that is seeking guidance and support in their assessment and management of risk.


Charles Jackson
Chief Executive Officer